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Hi there! I'm Lauren, the baker behind the fresh baked cookies here at Mamalou Bakeshop. I bake and eat cookies just about every day and I'm super excited to share that love and deliciousness with you and someone you love! Feel free to email me ( with any questions, requests, and thoughts you have regarding all things cookies.

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Mamalou Bakeshop is a super duper small batch bakery style kind of business. That means that when you place your order I will be the one receiving the notification that cookies need to be baked. I will also be the one going to the store and gathering ingredients. AND, I will be the one preparing, baking, cooling (and not eating, I promise), packaging, and shipping those cookies.

So, that's what I mean when I say small batch. There are no cookies that have been baked yet - unless you mean the ones I'm going to eat today. The cookies you order will not be baked until the day after you order them. I keep what are called "baker's hours." So, orders are placed during the day or night. The next morning (at like 4am) I prep, bake, package, and ship those orders. And then, about 2-3 days later you get to eat those fresh baked cookies! WOOT!