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From Premade Cookie Dough to Homemade Cookie Gift Boxes

I was probably 10 or 11 years old when I started baking cookies. It felt glamorous to me when my Mom would bring home a tube of premade cookie dough and I would preheat the oven while scooping the dough onto a greased cookie sheet. A few years later, I moved from pre packaged cookie dough to following the recipe on the back of a chocolate chip bag. From there, I tweaked and experimented with everything from the amount of chocolate chips, butter to flour ratio, and baking time, until one day I knew I had created the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. 

That's the recipe I've been using for about 10 years to bake for my family and my friends and what I use today when I bake for your family, your friends, and you!

stack of chocolate chip cookies

The reason my Chocolate Chip Cookie is perfect, in my mind, is that it's baked until the bottoms are golden brown, to reach ideal caramelization. At the same time, the cookies are pulled from the oven while the middle is still that soft, gooey, yumminess. The bottom and the middle become the perfect combination for a cookie dance party in your mouth. The chocolate chips are semi-sweet, they have to be. The word bitter sounds weird to use when talking about cookies, but that tang you get from a semi-sweet chocolate chip cannot be created with any other chocolate. It has to be semi-sweet. And, right at the end, you get that teensy kick of kosher salt to top it all off and make you want to dive in for another bite. That's what I love about my Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe and I think you will too. 

For anyone looking to make the perfect anything, I'm almost certain I'm not the only one that would say it takes a ton of practice. You will find yourself obsessing over the details because when you change recipes by the gram, 1/4 teaspoon or whatever, you will have tasted so many versions by that point that you will be able to taste the difference. And, it will matter to you. Well, at least it matters to me. 

The Chocolate Chip Cookie is what started it all for me. They have always been my favorite treat choice and probably always will. Since creating my first original recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies I’ve created several more from scratch recipes for lots of other delightful flavors and imagine myself continuing to experiment with new recipes forever. But, Chocolate Chip will always be my favorite, I’m pretty certain about that.