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Dozen Blueberry Crumble Cakes / July 15-19

Dozen Blueberry Crumble Cakes / July 15-19

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With a blueberry in every bite, enjoy this for breakfast, a snack, a dessert, whenever. I love to bake it all through out the summer with my blueberry haul from my garden, the farmer's market, and the many amazing U-pick blueberry farms we have in the Willamette Valley.

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Ingredient Information

Blueberry Crumble Cake

NET WT 3 oz (0.085 kg) 

Ingredients: blueberries, flour (organic hard red wheat flour, organic malted barley flour), sugar, milk, eggs, canola oil, baking powder, vanilla extract, salt. Topping: flour (organic hard red wheat flour, organic malted barley flour), butter (cream, natural flavors), brown sugar.

Contains: egg, milk, wheat.